Guidance, Marriage, Sakinah Family


Pre-marital guidance is a process of social service in the form of counseling, help given to prospective husband and wife before carrying out marriage so that they obtain prosperity and happiness in marriage and family life. Seeing this phenomenon attracts very serious attention, because there must be some form of effort to overcome it, one of which is through the application
of the importance of pre-marital guidance. So that the writer is interested in conducting in-depth research, it is hoped that later it will be known why this could happen. So that the writer has some formulation of the problem, there are: How is the implementation of pre-marital guidance in KUA Salatiga City, What obstacles are faced, What is the urgency and What is the impact of the implementation of pre-marital guidance. This research uses qualitative research, which is research that intends to
understand the phenomena about what is experienced by research subjects such as behavior, perception, motivation, actions and others, holistically, and in a descriptive way in the form of words and language, in a special natural context and by utilizing various natural methods. The findings of this research indicate that the process of implementing pre-marital guidance in KUA of Salatiga City in general has not been routinely scheduled. There are 2 forms of pre-marital guidance: first, premarital guidance conducted at the Islamic Community Guidance Office of the Ministry of Religion, second, independent pre-marital guidance conducted
by each KUA, that implementation before the marriage contract do. In the implementation of pre-marital guidance conducted by the Salatiga City KUA have several constraints; there are time constraints, funds / budget, facilities and infrastructure. In this case, the KUA has tried well and maximally in organizing pre-marital guidance because it is very important as a provision for
prospective brides to navigate the household ark to bridge so that family life becomes lasting and divorce does not occur in accordance with Article 1 of the Law Marriage Law No. 1 of 1974 which states that Marriage is a physical and spiritual bond between a man and a woman as husband and wife with the aim of forming a happy or eternal family or household based on the Godhead of the One. The impact of pre-marital guidance in stabilizing the bride and groom to realize a sakinah family in KUA Salatiga City is the preparation of the bride and groom in this case the bride and groom before attending pre-wedding guidance
many things they do not know about the duties of husband and wife, rights and obligations husband and wife, how to overcome problems in the family and the solution to minimize fighting in the family and to minimize the occurrence of divorce


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September 7, 2020