INTERRELIGIOUS HARMONY: Fostering Values and Characters for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) through a Movie


Aprilian Ria Adisti
IAIN Salatiga




Over the last decades, in this 4.0 industrial revolution era, an issue of Islamic radical movement brought destructive image for all Muslims in the world. Interreligious harmony is very important to be taught to eradicate radicalism understanding, especially for the Indonesian young generations. One of the way is through internalize the content of interreligious harmony in learning curriculum. This study used R&D method which connected character education to English Language Teaching by describing the use of interreligious harmony movie entitled “Nyai Rosyidah, a Radicalism Fortress of Female Santri” in ELT for English Education students in IAIN Salatiga.
The content in this movie was inserted tolerance value that was taught in Edi Mancoro traditional boarding school which is located in the most tolerant city in Indonesia, Salatiga, where Bu Nyai as the role model. This movie did not only focus on the interreligious content but also on the teaching English in a linguistic context. The result showed that this movie could develop tolerant character and also strengthened students’ nationalism. It could be seen from the result of observation during discussion activity and interview to students after watching the movie. 


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September 7, 2020